Friday, April 27, 2007

Apologetics Part 3

Worldviews Listen Here

What is a Worldview?
A worldview is outlook or perspective of what the world is. The overall perspective from which one sees and interprets the world. The qualification for having a worldview is having a mind.

Christian Worldview is: the Triune Sovereign God of scripture created the world and is now saving His people from this present fallen world through the prefect savior Jesus Christ.

Non-Christian Worldview is: (a) man is an autonomous and free creature who must (b) merit life or his destiny. The unbeliever has his presuppositions also. i.e. Atheism, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam (may not hold to (a)) etc.

There is no neutrality
All the treasure of wisdom and knowledge are in Christ (Col 2:3)
We are have sole alliance to Christ in everything we do (Col 3:17), including our reasoning (John 17:17) whoever is not for Christ is against Christ (Matt 12:30)

Christian worldview alone gives the necessary preconditions for intelligibility:

"Thus the Christian apologist may boldly assert that without an absolute personal being as the foundation of all things, there is no possibility of ethics. Without the ontological Trinity as the fount of all being, there is no possibility of unifying the particulars of human experience. Without the combined doctrines of the Trinity and man being God's image bearer there is no possibility of predication and thus language. Without the doctrine of God's sovereignty and providence there is not ground for inductive logic and science. Without a good and all-powerful God that creates both man and the natural realm there is not reason to believe that our senses are reliable. From these considerations it is clear why TAG is often described as an argument that proves the impossibility of the contrary. There is, at bottom, one non-Christian worldview and this worldview is easily reduced to absurdity." Taken from

Show the absurdity of the non-Christian worldview:
1.Show that all people have a worldview i.e. we all have value systems and judgments about the world.
2. Show the unbeliever that he/she can’t account for reality as he/she knows it
3. Show that unbeliever worldview is internally inconsistent, that their worldview has contradictions.
4. Prove that everyone has a metaphysic i.e. even a materialist secretly believes in metaphysical realities i.e. laws of logic, laws of morality.
5. In case of world religions show that may claim to have morality, logic etc, but they don’t have concrete worldview that can unify all these particulars.

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