Friday, May 11, 2007

Apologetics Part 5

Problem of evil (Theodicy) Listen Here

The reality of evil is often perceived as a reason to doubt the existence of a good God. The argument is normally two-fold. First it is moral complaint against God: How can God be good if He allows evil. Second it is argument for the non-existence of a good God. The argument is as follows:
1. The Christian God is all good
2. The Christian God is all powerful,
3.But evil exists
4.Therefore the all good God of Christianity must not exist since if He did He would but an end to evil.

The argument is flawed in many ways, beginning from the premise. The God of the bible is by definition good (Nah 1:7, Psa 25:8) and all that He does is good (Psa 145:9-10), but that does not mean that goodness is limited to the eradication of evil (Rom 11:22) i.e. It is good for God to judge sin (Deu 28:63). That is, the all good God of the bible has a moral sufficient good reason for evil, known at least Him. For example God means for good what man means for evil. (Gen 50:20, Acts 4:27-28)

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