Thursday, December 7, 2006

Systematic Theology part 1

The prologomena (Introduction to the bible) Listen here

Prolegomena – First word

Definition of Systematic Theology – the categorization of topical biblical truth.

Why is it needed?
So that one can have true conclusions on whom God is and what He has done

On what authority can we systematize?
Scripture 2 Tim 2:14, 2 Peter 1:20

Subject – Theology is about God and His relationship with His Creation

Sources – Sola Scriptura – The final authority is the bible, but other sources are beneficial. i.e Church Teacher, Seminary School, Theological Books

What are means, method and process of Systematizing Theology?

The Bible: precondition is epistemology
EXEGETICS : precondition Hermeneutics
Biblical Theology : precondition is redemptive history
SYSTEMATICS : precondition is Historical Theology

Systematic Theology must be:

Comprehensive – covers all the main teachings of scripture
Coherent –teachings to be interrelated
Contextual – Applicable to the modern day

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