Thursday, December 7, 2006

Systematic Theology Part 4

Anthropology (Who is man?) Listen here for part 1 Listen here for part 2

Anthropology – The study of man

Man’s creation
From the dust of the ground Genesis 2:7 – finite therefore never can be God
Man made the image of God Genesis 1:26 – Difference roles for male and female. Complementarianism not egalitarianism 1 Cor 11:3
Adam was the first man; Eve was the first women – Able to procreate, as the Imago Dei

Man’s constitution
Dichotomy Trichotomy - sub biblical
Man became a living soul (not received) - Soul is not a part of man – soul is man
One creative act – not two stage process

Life imagery
Spirit – life image centered in breath
Soul – life image centered in blood
Heart - Inner life, center (emotion, will, thought)
Mind Romans 11:34 – God has a mind (1 Corinthians 2:16) Luke 24:45 – focus upon thought, reason, rational faculty

Man’s capabilities and purpose

Man as a covenant creature, Adam as Federal Head of human race
- Covenant of Works, Covenant is a divine oath (Hosea 6:7) Man to take dominion as the Image of God
The Eschatology of the Image
– Man Promised glorified life upon obedience, eternal death upon disobedience
Works of the Covenant upon the conscience (Rom 2:14)

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