Thursday, December 7, 2006

Systematic Theology Part 5

Hamartiology (What is Sin?) Listen Here for Part 1 and Here for Part 2

What is sin?
Hamartia - to miss the mark
Parabasis - to transgress
Anomia - lawlessness
Sin is the depravation of good.

How is sin in the Cosmos?
Satan rebellion in heaven Isa 14:13 Rev 12:8
Adam as Federal head transgresses in the garden

Free Will?
Adam’s will in the garden before the fall was morally upright.
Adam choice is self-determined
God had decreed Adam’s choice
Theodicy – God means for good, man means for evil, giving a sufficient moral reason for sin in the Universe known at least to God

Imputed sin
Sin is credited to every individual Rom 5:12-24
Adam sin becomes our sin; personally held responsible by way of imputation

Original Sin
A Sinful nature inherited from Adam. Eph 2:3, Psa 51
Enslaved to sin John 8

Result – Total depravity
Man’s choices outside of God’s Grace are inherently sinful and can not please Him.
Sin effects every part of man i.e. his mind, his affections, desires, worldview etc

God’s Judgment on Sin
Man’s sinful choices compounds their judgment rather then alleviate
God is infinitely holy and loves His Holy Name/Glory above all and most be vindicated.
Therefore God’s wrath is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness by giving people over to their sins. Rom 1:18-20 in order to demonstrate His power Rom 9:22

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